Johnny H at HEART FM, Woodstock pic_n

John Harada  is a longtime veteran in radio, TV, audio and video freelance voice-over work, freelance writing and radio show prep writing  and research.

“harada-data’s” been his benchmark for his entire career, entertaining  audiences with his unique way of fun “betcha didn’t know” trivia and facts.

His writing skills have been instrumental in providing killer show prep for on-air personalities like Donna Saker, MIX 99.9 FM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (now Virgin Radio, Toronto); Lisa Blackburn, (formerly) Q Morning Crew, Q104, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Halifax, Canada; John Woodlock, (formerly) CHUM FM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Jamie Paterson, PM Drive-Music Director, (formerly) KOOL FM, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; Anna Zee, Q104 midday personality-Music Director, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and Adam Marriott, on-air personality-Music Director, C100, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, to name a few.

Most of his on-air career’s been doing mornings at SUN FM-FM 96.5, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, CFGO, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 99.9 THE FOX FM, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada and 98.5 YOUR FM, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

He also worked at THE MIX 99.9 FM (Now Virgin Radio) Toronto, Ontario, Canada, KOOL FM-KFUN FM, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and CJCH, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

John’s working swing at 104.7 HEART FM, Woodstock, Ontario right now as he keeps his hand in the on-air radio pie.

Radio’s not the only media, he specializes in…John also hosted his own TV Show “John Harada and Friends” in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada where he was also co-producer, director,  writer and sales-promotions-marketing dude.

John has also been one of the leading voices for Please Hold Canada since 1994 and is also working closely with Greg VanAsperen of Moonscape Multimedia and Vic and Brad Folliott of KC Media, Waterloo, Ontario.

Martial arts’ has been a passion of John’s for many years now- he’s currently training under Wing Chun Grandmaster Werner Leuschner with whom he’s also working as Media Representative and voice-over production and creative writing talent for his “I DO MARTIAL ARTS” worldwide project (

The 1st Open Black Belt World Championship in 2007 gave John a chance to play a big role in the making of the movie and documentary. He hosted the weekend tournament; did all the on-camera interviews with the movie stars, competitors and spectators; all the match-by-match commentary, voiced the movie trailers and helped co-write the script.

John has also been a freelance writer for, utilizing his strong background in martial arts training (former children’s instructor and 1st degree black belt in Kenpo karate)(now training in Wing Chun with Grandmaster Werner Leuschner)

Ken Nakamura, movie consultant, producer and Executive Director of the Grand River Film Festival was so impressed with his on stage-on camera presence, he’s offered John a role in his new movie “WIRELESS’, starring Bruce Greenwood and Roger Cross.

John’s also International Media Rep for Step by Step sostheamericas (, a non-profit organ transplant donation organization, based in Toronto.

He also worked in sales at LA Fitness, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and has coached girls’ hockey for many years now as well as being fitness and nutrition coach for his daughter’s hockey teams.

Promotions, marketing and fundraising have also been a part of John’s portfolio to cap a well-rounded career in radio, TV and freelance voice-over and writing.