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Johnny H at HEART FM, Woodstock pic_nLooking for creative voice-overs or on-camera hits to make your station or company stand out and have the best-sounding, best-prepped, fun and informative on-air personalities in the world? Then, check us out !

  1. Freelance voice-over work for all media- click on “CREATIVE SAMPLES” for audio and video clips (includes airchecks and interviews). There are even freelance writing samples, too. We can create audio and video projects for you with quick turn-around time!
  2. Daily killer show prep-research for on-air personalities from around the world-if you want to have the BEST show with the BEST bits, we research every corner of the earth to bring you the hottest, funniest and most entertaining info possible and give it to you 7 days a week. Each bit’s editted, concise and quick, so you don’t have your PD tearing a strip out of your ass in aircheck sessions for spewing at the lips. Killer show prep files have lots of “harada-data” for you, too ! ;-0
  3. “INDUSTRY BUZZ,” (Free job postings & more !) “JOHNNY H’S DAILY BLOG,” “TRIBUTE PAGE ” and ” HOT EMERGING ARTISTS”- Click on “BLOG” and “MORE”- these pages are lots of fun and inspiring !

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